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Em Torno da Orfeu, Cycle of Talks

The exhibition 'DISCOS ORFEU (1956-1983) — Imagens/Palavras/Sons' brings together artists, collectors and musicologists in a cycle of conversations.

The cycle of talks Em Torno da Orfeu seeks to bring together musicians, musicologists and designers in an informal sharing of memories and knowledge about the ORFEU record label and the recording industry in Portugal. The exhibition DISCOS ORFEU (1956-1983) — Imagens/Palavras/Sons [ORFEU RECORDS (1956-1983) — Images/Words/Sounds] presents the history of the legendary record label created in Porto in 1956 by Arnaldo Trindade. The research work coordinated by José Bártolo, in liaison with Arnaldo Trindade and Noly Trindade and the technical participation of João Carlos Callixto, Carlos Paes, João Pedro Rocha and Heitor Vasconcelos, made it possible to gather and present in this exhibition the main ORFEU record sleeves and a mass of documentary material (graphic, phonographic and video), some of it unpublished. Visitors will have the opportunity to see many documents about ORFEU, from the first contract between José Afonso and ORFEU to the original artwork of the cover of his album Coro dos Tribunais. As this is a Casa do Design exhibition, the graphic component of the album sleeves deserves special attention (such as those by designers such as José Santa-Bárbara, Fernando Aroso, José Brandão, José Luís Tinoco or Alberto Lopes) as well as the importance of the photographers, from whom Fernando Aroso, who photographed hundreds of albums released under the unmistakable ORFEU label, stands out, among many others (Eduardo Gageiro, Álvaro João, Nick Boothman, João Paulo Sotto Mayor or Patrick Ullmann).   31.05.2017 05:00 pm | Talk Arnaldo Trindade, Noly Trindade, Dario Alves, Jorge Cordeiro, Rodrigo Affreixo, Rui Vaz Pinto | moderated by José Bártolo 03.06.2017 03:00 pm| Happening Álvaro Azevedo (Vibrafone), Alfredo Barros (Drawing) 03:30 pm | Talk Arnaldo Trindade, Noly Trindade, David Ferreira, Álvaro Azevedo, Quim Barreiros, João Carlos Callixto, José Fortes | moderated by José Bártolo