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Imprimere – Arte e Processo nos 250 anos da Imprensa Nacional

An extensive documentary exhibition bringing together instruments, machines, technologies and artefacts that illustrate the history of graphic production in Portugal from the Royal Print to the present day.

Imprimere — from the Latin to print, imprint or impress — takes an educative look at the main graphic design processes, techniques and technologies underlying the production of books, from seven perspectives: Paper, Type, Letterpress, Intaglio, Silkscreen Printing, Lithography and Binding. At a time when traditional graphic techniques have proved themselves an alternative to the current systems of mass production, the aim is to rediscover those technologies that have marked bookmaking, drawing a parallel with the history of Imprensa Nacional, which kept pace with, and actively contributed to the development of Portuguese graphic arts, and is now celebrating its 250th anniversary. The exhibition Imprimere — Arte e Processo nos 250 anos da Imprensa Nacional [Art and Process over 250 years of Imprensa Nacional] is curated by Rúben Dias, a printer, type designer and teacher at ESAD/College of Art and Design, and by Sofia Meira, a graphic designer and head of ESAD's printing workshop, both of whom conduct research in this area.
This exhibition seeks to recover past know-how between a master and his apprentice, both from a perspective of rediscovery and reinterpretation for the present. The physical space and the extent of the collection to be displayed require a selection of content, in an attempt to demonstrate, through the bookmaking narrative and the significant path of Imprensa Nacional, the relevance of the various technical processes in the graphic arts, in general, from the pre-industrial era to the computer to plate. — Rúben Dias and Sofia Meira, exhibition curators

Rúben Dias has a PhD in Design, under the topic Type Design in the Eighteenth Century. He maintains regular investigation about bookmaking, type and typography. Co-author of the books Manual Prático do Tipógrafo. He currently teaches at ESAD – College of Art and Design, Matosinhos, having lectured at ESAD.CR, ESTAL, AR.CO and ETIC. He regularly participates in conferences and workshops on typography and type design, either in Portugal or abroad. Rúben works as a graphic and book designer and type designer. Since 1999 he keeps expanding Tipografia Dias, his letterpress workshop. In 2003 he founded the studio Item Zero. Cofounder of Tipos das Letras, with whom he developed the RUHA project, a typeface family and a stencil as a tool to teach lettering and type design.

Sofia Meira is graduated in Graphic Design. She's responsible for the management of the Typography Workshop at ESAD College of Art and Design, Matosinhos. In addition to working at esad–idea, Research in Design and Art, Sofia is also a researcher in the area of Typography and Graphic Design and director of production. She develops research in the area of printing processes with mobile characters, under the Ph.D. in Design at the University of Fine Arts of Porto. 


Imprimere — Arte e Processo nos 250 Anos da Imprensa Nacional

Matosinhos City Council; esad—idea, Research in Design and Art; Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda
Rúben Dias, Sofia Meira
Curatorship Assistant
Ricardo Dantas
General Coordination
Bárbara Araújo, Sérgio Afonso
Graphic Design
Studio Degrau
Exhibition Design
Rui Canela; Degrau
Luís Espinheira
João Tiago, Susana Fernando
Alexandre Barbosa, Carlos Rocha, Fernando Miranda, Filipe Pinto, Inês Nepomuceno, José Castro, Ricardo Dantas, Sara Cardoso, Sara Pinheiro, Sofia Meira, Tomás Lobo
Image and Sound
Fernando Miranda, Tânia Franco

Matosinhos City Council

Luísa Salgueiro
Eduardo Pinheiro
Culture Councillor
Fernando Rocha
Project Management
Clarisse Castro, Maria José Rodrigues, Maria José Mesquita
Casa do Design
Bárbara Araújo
Communication and Public Relations
Jacinta Batista
Press Officer
Jorge Marmelo

esad—idea, Research in Design and Art

Joana Santos, João Lemos, Sérgio Afonso
Executive Direction
Diogo Vilar
Scientific Direction
José Bártolo
Project Management
Sara Pinheiro
Communication Advisory
Mafalda Martins, Ana Rita Carvalho


Imprensa Nacional — Casa da Moeda; ESAD/College of Art and Design
Casa do Design
Editorial Coordination
Rúben Dias, Sofia Meira
Content Research
Ricardo Dantas
Text Edition
Francisca Monteiro
Duarte Azinheira, Fernando Rocha, Francisco Providência, Gonçalo Caseiro, Graciela Machado, José Bártolo, Luísa Salgueiro, Maria Inês Queiroz, Rúben Dias, Sofia Meira
Art Direction and Graphic Design
João Tiago, Susana Fernando
Luís Espinheira
Photographic Post-Production
Fernando Miranda, Luís Espinheira
Text Revision
Imprensa Nacional — Casa da Moeda
Imprensa Nacional — Casa da Moeda
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